A listener tweeted this link to me last week and I had no idea what it was. After some further investigation I found out that the good people over at City Pulse, a great local magazine here in Lansing had nominated some people/restaurants/bars/attractions and a whole lot of other stuff for the "Top of the Town" contest. Being new in town, You just never know if you're being well received or not, and just to see me mentioned in that group, made me feel really good.

I need your help though to win the contest and be crowned, Top of the Town. Go to this link and sign up to vote, it only takes just a few seconds. You're probably reading this at work anyway, so what's the harm in just a few more internet minutes while you're at work today? None? Yeah, that's what I thought. Ha! It would mean a lot to me if you did so and let's see if your favorite radio DJ can take home an awesome award from City Pulse!