If you are wondering what this is, there was a prop on the Lansing ballot on Tuesday which asked voters if they wanted annex a small part of Delta Township. And after the final votes the city of Lansing will annex close to 11 acres of Delta Township following approval of the prop on the ballot. Where the black line is, is where the border of land that is being annexed to Lansing.

Now 11 acres might not seem so big but it does include some homes but mostly retail and commercial space. The small part of land is at the corner of W. Jolly and  S. Waverly, as you can see from the pic above. According to LSJ, most voters in the area didn't know about this prop on the ballot and some didn't vote on it, but it still passed with about 60% voting in favor. You can read the whole ballot prop here, from the City of Lansing Clerk. 

If you want to know how this small part of land got on the ballot and moved from Delta Township to Lansing, it was because of one guy living in that small area. He got two signatures from voters in that area, which I don't think there are many, and it went on the ballot. So now that parcel of land is now part of Lansing on January 1st, 2019, and will be policed and get services from Lansing. To see more about it you can check it out here from LSJ. 

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