This is just a quickie stop & photo op if you’re in the area of Shaftsburg.

At the corner of Old Lansing Rd and Woodbury Rd west of Shaftsburg just off Exit 98, is Contractor’s Repair, a small engine repair service.

Out in front is a homemade UFO on stilts, one of three built by the late Allen Boertman.

A little further up the property, nearer the corner, is a life-size fiberglass Bigfoot creature, skulking under a huge tree. Driving by and catching this out of the corner of your eye makes you do a double-take; many people have stopped to get their picture taken with it. It’s a pretty realistic representation, and does make a cool little photo op for anyone.

So remember it the next time you’re in the area and get some pics and video before they’re gone!

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