Both a haunting and a monster in the Michigan town of Ridgeway?

The town of Ridgeway is a nifty small town, about 4½ miles southeast of Tecumseh. Back in 1986, a realtor revealed to a reporter that one particular house in town was inhabited by a poltergeist. This ghost had been extremely active and was not hesitant on letting the residents know of its existence.

The realtor refused to disclose which house the poltergeist was occupying.....makes sense, otherwise she wouldn't be able to sell a haunted house, right?

If that wasn't unnerving enough, several Ridgeway townspeople claimed to have seen some kind of red-haired creature with bright green eyes peeking into windows. They saw this thing peering into different dwellings, including the house with the poltergeist.

It's been over three decades now and no explanation or reasonable answer has been forthcoming. This beast must've been tall enough to peek into windows, so it was either a two-footed creature (dogman or bigfoot?) or an animal that could stand on two a bear, perhaps?

Anyone know which house it was?

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