Lance and Susan Cuffle, architects of one of Michigan's best haunted houses are retiring after bringing sixteen years of fear to Southwest Michigan.

The Cuffle's are not in the business of making dreams come true, but rather have been manifesting nightmares for more than a decade and a half. Susan is quieter and likes to work behind the scenes. If you've ever met Lance, you've never forgotten him. The pair opened the former Homer Mill as a restaurant, bar and haunted house in 2006. After the building was lost in a devastating 2010 fire, the pair relocated to an historic building in Jackson, Michigan. The building sits on a Civil War hospital site. Inside the massive factory, they built tank parts for WWII and tractor seats after the Paris Peace Treaties were signed. Strangely, it was a once a high-end furniture store before Lance, Susan and a team of cretins turned it into a fear factory. Now, the couple have decided to retire.

In a Facebook post shared on October 16, Lance gave the bittersweet news of the couple's retirement, congratulated the new owners, reminisced about past celebrity guests including Alice Cooper and Dog the Bounty Hunter, and thanked employees and fans.

Most importantly we want to thank all our fans! Thank you for years of endless memories and giving Jackson’s Underworld the opportunity to Haunt your dreams! Thanks again for making our dreams come true!

Check out the entire post below and see a quick walkthrough video of Jackson's Underworld in 2015.


The feeling is bittersweet after 16 years, Lance and Susan Cuffle, the original creators and owners of Jackson's...

Posted by Lance Cuffle on Friday, October 16, 2020


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