The lowly Lions have once again stumbled out of the gate on a new season, but gamblers don't seem to mind, because they always seem to beat the spread.

The Lions Are Gambling Gold So Far In 2022

Last year, the Lions were 10-7 vs. the gambling line, or spread, and this season they have started a perfect 3-0 against the gambling line.

The Lions were three and a half point underdogs in their opening game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and a late rally brought them to within three points, 38-35 to beat the odds for a nice payoff.

In week two, the Lions were actually favored for the first time, and beat the four and a half points given them by the oddsmakers, by defeating the Washington Commanders by nine, 36-27.

And last week, the Lion were six point underdogs on the road in Minnesota. In a game they should have won, they lost, 28-24, which still covered the spread, making the Lions one of only three teams in the NFL to be undefeated along the gambling lines.

So, if they're not going to win, you might as well make a few bucks off the team as they limp their way through another season.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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Dolphins And Falcons Are Also Doing Well For Gamblers

The other two undefeated teams against the spread are the Miami Dolphins, who are also undefeated in the real world at 3-0, and the Atlanta Falcons, who like the Lions fare better when given points, as they are also 1-2 on the season.

So what about this Sunday?

The Lions will be four point favorites at home against the Seattle Seahawks. I think that looks to be a pretty solid bet, as the Lions offense has been in high gear since the season began, and the Seahawks defense has struggled.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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