How many of you really enjoy camping with members of your family at Michigan state parks? The numbers are huge in Michigan.

Michiganders love camping and really enjoy the great outdoors. There are two Michigan state parks getting major upgrades.

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One of the two state parks is Straits State Park in Mackinac County and the other park is Cheboygan State Park in Cheboygan County.

So how much are the upgrades going to cost for these 2 waterfront Northern Michigan state parks? Take a look, courtesy of

“Today’s combined $2.96 million investment in Straits and Cheboygan state parks will have an estimated economic impact of $12 million on local economies and improve facilities at both parks, making them more accessible to families. Parks are vital to the Michigan economy, supporting tens of thousands of recreation and tourism jobs, generations billions in economic values, and offering Michiganders and visitors special places to make memories, explore the outdoors and enjoy time with loved ones.”

Based on numbers alone, last year, Michigan State Parks visitation skyrocketed to roughly 35 million people. People love spending time outdoors enjoying nature trails, hiking, camping, swimming, and so much more. also adds:

“The recent demolition at Straits State Park is significant,” said DNR Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson. “The work officially sets into motion a historic level of investment – made possible through federal relief funding – in Michigan’s state parks and recreation system. The work both at Straits and Cheboygan will mean better, more comfortable overall camping experiences.”

I think the key words here are comfortable overall camping experiences. That's what families really appreciate when it comes to their family camping trips.

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