Legally speaking, the only time anyone should ever walk across the Mackinac Bridge is on Labor Day. They do the Labor Day walk every year where thousands of Michiganders walk the 5 mile bridge.

Now there's talk of the Mackinac Bridge Authority urging lawmakers to make trespassing on the Mackinac Bridge a felony.

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In my own opinion, why should anyone be allowed to be on the bridge at any given moment. First of all, that is extremely dangerous, and second, why would you want to trespass in the first place.

At this point, not one person can be charged with a felony. Here's more from

The Mackinac Bridge is not currently designated as a "key facility." That means a person trespassing on the bridge is not subject to a felony as they would be if they illegally entered a power plant, a water treatment facility, a railroad switching yard or other types of property deemed key facilities.

The biggest reasons as to why the Mackinac Bridge Authority is urging lawmakers to make trespassing on the Mackinac Bridge a felony is because some people do really stupid things. Here are two examples from

Examples include an Ohio man who was arrested after illegally climbing a bridge tower in February 2021 and a woman who was cited after attempting to cross a closed Mackinac Bridge in March. 

I do remember the story about the woman who tried to cross a closed Mackinac Bridge back in March. She actually lived somewhere in the U.P., and was trying to walk across the bridge to get home.

As far as I'm concerned, this is for the safety of everyone. The Mackinac Bridge Authority would like to keep things running smoothly.

We can't have certain people running around doing things that they shouldn't be doing. Whether this becomes a felony or not, trespassing on the Mackinac Bridge should not be allowed.

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