When Klavon's opened their first location when I was younger, I never thought they would not only expand to the level they have today but ended up being an absolute staple in my family's life.

As we celebrated my sister's 22nd birthday with lunch there today, I realize just how much Klavon's and places like it mean to communities and the families who live there.

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More Food Than Just Some Great Pizza

Of course, as a restaurant that calls itself a pizzeria, you'd expect them to have some pretty darn good pizza and for Klavon's, that would be beyond correct!

However, they didn't just stop once they found success with their original pies, they have constantly tried different styles, like Chicago and Detroit, as well as whipping up some awesome pub-style food.

Let me tell you, rarely a day goes by that one of their veggie calzones sounds good to me.

However, they also have a fun, entertaining atmosphere, and a pretty great bar with all kinds of delicious, signature cocktails.

A Family Atmosphere

On a personal level, my family has rented out their loft space countless times for birthday parties and other various, special celebrations. Birthday dinners or lunches, catching up together, no matter what you are there for, the team at Klavon's does everything they can to make it a great experience for everyone.

Though, I may be pretty biased.

See, the Klavon's location in Jackson is where my sister got her first job as a hostess in high school. From there, she worked her way up to being a server while making lasting friendships, awesome memories and learning a lot about people.

Even during her birthday lunch, she hasn't worked there in just over a year, it was like a celebrity walked in and she was saying "hi" to people left and right.

Klavon's not only wants to be a great place for you and your family but for their family of employees as well.

Thank You Klavon's

Thank you for always being there and always finding new ways to impress us.

Between the coffee bar at the drive-thru at your Vandercook Lake location, to your employee appreciation nights, and what you bring to the communities you serve, you are far more than just the local, favorite pizza place.

You are an institution that spans from Vandercook Lake to Mason and beyond.

Thank you, from my family to yours, for hiring on my sister and giving her another "home away from home" for longer than just the time she works there.

Seriously, I sent her a picture of where our table was for lunch and she replied "oh, table 31" as if she still was working there every day. Little things like that don't stick with people unless what they were doing there meant something to them.

Thank you for everything, Klavon's, you'll always be a favorite gathering place for me and mine for years and years to come.

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