People see the hat and then the questions begin.

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Cool hat. What team is that?

It's a Lugnuts hat.

Wait, what? When did they change their logo?

They didn't. This is for when they become the Locos.


When did all this Lugnuts/Locos madness begin?

Let me take you back to when this all started.

Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Back in May of 2019, the Lugnuts celebrated Hispanic Heritage and Cinco De Mayo with Copa De La Diversion.

Copa de la Diversion (Cinco De Mayo on Sunday) with fun festivities all weekend long. Plus, this weekend only, your Lugnuts become The Lansing Locos.

In 1996, the Lugnuts burst onto the scene in Lansing, becoming one of the first crazy names in Minor League Baseball and spurring fans to cheer, "Let's Go Nuts!" Now we're expanding that mentality as we introduce the Lansing Locos in 2019!

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This weekend, your Lansing Lugnuts will once again become The Lansing Locos and that always means more fun for the fans.

The fourth and final installment of the 25th Anniversary Bobblehead series features Vladimir Guerrero Jr.! The first 1,000 fans through the gates will receive a bobblehead as the Lansing Locos take on the Fort Wayne TinCaps! Stick around after the game for LAFCU fireworks! (Lansing Lugnuts)

Here's the whole homestand for this week/weekend as they take on the Fort Wayne Tincaps.

And Thursday if you need to get vaccinated, the Lugnuts have a special event just for you as they partner up with the Ingham County Health Department.

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