Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of horses walking down the road, the peaceful sound of birds chirping and no car noise. Kind of takes you back to Somewhere in Time.

When spending any time on Mackinac Island, you just have to take a minute to look around and soak up the beauty around you. How many times have I done that? Believe me, A LOT.  I am always wishing and thinking how wonderful it would be to spend my summer on the island living in one of those beautiful old "painted ladies." The Victorian Homes are fabulous, and one is for sale! Don't get your hopes up about buying it, though, unless you have 5.8 million dollars lying around...

Even though I'll never be able to afford it, I like to call it my Victorian Home. I have loved this house for as along as I can remember.

So let me tell you about "my house." Just scroll through the photos below as I take you on a tour through the house and point out the most important details.

I would have purchased the place myself, but I found that the daily commute from the island to Lansing would be a bit much, plus I don't have any money.

Imagine spending every summer relaxing on the island in your beautiful "cottage."  If you are interested and have a boat load of money, you can see the listing on Make this beautiful home yours, or re-gift it to me, either works.

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