I, unfortunately, have learned this the hard way. There are some things you just don't utter to someone from Michigan! To save you the embarrassment that I've gone through, I've compiled the top seven things to avoid saying to Michiganders.

1. Do NOT mispronounce Mackinac

Mackinac fudge

I made the regrettable choice to pronounce Mackinac just like how it's spelled. Mack-In-Nack. The death stare I immediately received was close to bone chilling. I'll NEVER make that mistake again however, I'm already a big fan of the fudge. Talk about delicious.

2. Make sure you're using Yooper and Troll correctly


Speaking of Mackinac, apparently there are different names for those who live 'above' and 'below' the Mackinac bridge, a lesson I learned earlier this week. On a video I posted on TikTok someone said "welcome Troll!" and I was almost offended. I mean...I was wearing make-up and everything! But then I learned that those who live in the UP are referred to as Yoopers while those who live in the LP are referred to as Trolls. And you better not mix them up.

3. What the heck is a Pasty?

Homemade Upper MIchigan Pasty Meat Pie with Ketchup

And here's ANOTHER one I mispronounced. It's PAST-ee not PAY-stea. Besides not knowing how to say it, I've also never heard of it. Apparently, this is a Michigan staple available in the Upper Peninsula. It's a pastry filled with flaky meat. To me, it doesn't sound that great but there's a festival dedicated to this treat every year (at least it was pre-covid).

4. "My state is the REAL mitten state"


Okay I'm from Florida so battling over the shape of my state is foreign to me. Apparently, this is a thing between Wisconsin and Michigan? But, I don't understand why. Wisconsin....if you're wearing your mittens like that you might have bigger problems than trying to claim your state is the mitten state. Michigan is the clear winner here.

5. Anything involving praising Ohio.


I have discovered that one thing Michiganders agree on is the fact that they don't like people from Ohio. We have a whole segment called "Ohio Stop It" filled with ridiculous stories from the people of Ohio. Michiganders boo the Buckeyes and roll their eyes when the subject of Ohio comes up. I've witnessed it. While I don't condone hating anyone just because they're from a certain state...it's a nice a break for me...the girl from Florida. 😆

6. Ordering a 'soda'.

Cola and Ice

Yup. You guessed it...this is another mistake I personally made. This one didn't earn me death stares but the whole table did cackle at me. This is going to be a hard habit to break.

7. "I don't like Vernors."


I recently asked someone what is one thing I HAVE to try now that I'm in Michigan and their first suggestion was Vernors. When I asked what it was I was told that it was a ginger drink. "Ginger Ale?" I asked innocently. "NO! It's WAY better." A nectar of the Gods is what she said. I still haven't tried it but that's a heck of a reputation to live up to.

Thanks to MLive.com, Only in Your State, and Movoto for help deciphering what I should definitely NOT say now that I'm in Michigan.

See something missing from the list? Please let me know! Chat with us on the app and save me from myself!

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