Frito-Lay is notorious for putting out some wild flavors. Lately, they made a stir with an image of "Crab Rangoon" potato chips that got the whole internet talking. In fact, there's a petition to make this a new flavor, and NOW!

But one thing I think all of us can agree on is this... there's a lot of unique flavors in Michigan that would make GREAT new flavors for Frito-Lay. And we should pursue them... or, at least SOME of them.

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There's a lot of food diversity in Michigan, and on all levels of flavor palate. Sweet, Savory, Sour, Salty... there's plenty of opportunities. And I think the ten flavors of chips below might at least be a good starting point for Frito-Lay to consider.

Because, if they can make chips that taste like Crab Rangoon, or pickles, why not run a theme on the foods of an entire state, right?

Let us know what you think, and if you can come up with any OTHER Michigan-centric flavors for them to make!

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