Lansing's Fork in the Road will sadly close it's doors on November 23rd. And you better believe it's not for lack of business. The restaurant that uses all natural and local ingredients isn't immune to the financial troubles that other restaurants endure.

According the the article in the Lansing State Journal, owner Jesse Hahn had a decision to make. "Close the restaurant, or cut wages, increase food prices and rely less on Lansing-area farmers."

And in my opinion, that would make it more like any other run of the mill restaurant in Lansing. It would take away all the awesome things that makes it such a great place. If I was put in that situation, I'd probably do the same. Go out big rather than lower the quality of your establishment.

Let's show our appreciation for Hahn's delicious food and service and flood his restaurant until November 23rd! Ballin' Ass Tacos all around!