I remember driving north on 127 heading to Central Michigan University many years ago.

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You had to drive through St Johns to get to Mt. Pleasant.

And before your eyes were drawn to the wind turbines that line the road NOW, back then I recall the fields of mint. You would definitely smell them before you would see them.

There are still a few that surround St. Johns now.

You can visit Larry Kus Mint Farms where they specialize in essential oils (of the peppermint and spearmint varieties). Oh, and onions. If you need those.

There's also Livingston Farms.

Known for its Mint Festival in August, Livingston Farms is proud to be a contributor to the St. Johns community’s annual celebration. Though there are numerous varieties of mint, we distill peppermint along with native and scotch spearmint. (Livingston Farms)

Mint is MAJOR in St. Johns and THAT'S why there's a festival.

Like most festivals that were cancelled/postponed last year, the St. Johns Mint Festival is back this year.

That's why St. Johns is home to the Mint Festival which Michigan Life reports is held the second weekend in August every year (except for 2020) and is attended by over 75,000 people!

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3 big days of family fun and it's all centered on one little plant that is part of the lifeblood of this community (mint and apples...see all things cider and cider mills in St. Johns).

This year's festival is Friday - Sunday August 13th - 15th.

All the tasty mind candy and ice cream you can handle.

Organic Green Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
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Seriously, there will be a ton mint ice cream.

Mint Ice Cream Bars, Mint Ice Cream Sundaes, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches and Vanilla Sandwiches. The booth will be located at the north end of the park by the Performance Shell. (Clinton County Chamber)

The previously mentioned essential oils (and how you can use them in everything), flea market, garage sale, vendors, arts & crafts, and more.

There will be a lot to see and do and learn about. The Grand Mint Parade happens Saturday at 10 am. There's a huge cornhole tournament Saturday and Sunday.

Head HERE for a complete rundown of events.

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