UPDATE: The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory, calling for 1 to 4 inches of snow generally, though, some areas could see 5 inches.  The advisory will remain in effect until 11pm on Thursday.

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While many Michigan kids are still enjoying their spring break, those whose break was last week may get a day off this week as well.  An April storm is blowing across Michigan Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening and meteorologists are saying that it's bring a lot of precipitation -- mostly snow.

NOAA says 3.5 inches of accumulation is likely across the Lansing area by Thursday night.  MLive meteorologist, Mark Torregrossa, says some places north of Lansing could see 8 inches of snow.

While any snow that falls won't stick around too long thanks to a weekend warm-up, the snow will be of the heavy, wet variety and very well could cause problems with broken branches, downed power lines and damage to roofs and structures due to strain caused by the weight of the snow.

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