There's a lot of stuff to buy at the MSU Surplus store, but if you win $1,000 with Cash Code you could actually buy all of these things. If you haven't entered the Cash Code this week or need more details on how to win its here. 

First how about a whole lot of strange medical and surgical equipment. You can buy one of these and have some change.

1k pic1












Next up furniture like how about some wood cabinets or a table and you can get all three of these and have some left.

1k pic2








Some extra Things to buy:

  • You can get a 200 yards of Hardwood Mulch, a 50 yard lot is $250 bucks each
  • You can also buy 40 secure bike parking permits for your other friends or for your 39 other bikes, here.
  • Finally I kinda want this as they have a projector for your living room or bedroom for $1,000. You can see it here. 


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