You have got to see it to believe it. Thursday night football. Pittsburgh at Cleveland. There was a tackle on the quarterback. There might have been a little bit of roughing the passer. The QB Mason Rudolph for Pittsburgh might have pushed back because he didn't like the way he was taken down. But the reaction of Myles Garrett from Cleveland  was...

Take a look for yourself.

(Video: DEVO Highlights Presents via YouTube)

(Video: ESPN via YouTube)

This is not a good look. There are going to be fines and suspensions on both sides. But Myles is definitely going to get the brunt of this. Folks are going to talk about how much punishment he should receive. But that is out of our hands. There are Unions and rules and things already in place to help determine that.
This is front and center now. And will be for a minute. Examples are going to made. Precedents will be set. We already had Vontaze Burfict to deal with earlier this year.
Now this.
Teach your kids we are better than this. And this is not how we play the game. Any game.

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