GRRRRRRRR.... we're all mad together now.

We used to have group meetings that we called "B!tch Sessions."  I'm not sure if it was determined that that particular title violated some kind of harassment rule or if we just have less to complain about these days, but, in any case, this is basically what it was; a bunch of mad people!

I'm mad.  Are you mad?  I'm not just mad, I'm ANNNGRRRYYY.

Okay, so, it's not that bad.  Yes, we've got what MLive is calling "record-breaking"snow in the forecast for tonight, April 14th, but by Friday we're talkin' 60s again.  So, we've got a little silver lining, right?

A very important component of the -- *ahem* -- "Concerns Session" is calming everyone down and trying to ease their minds (aka make them think of other things).

So, here it goes...

Tuesday is pay day!!

(Sorry if it's not your pay day.)

Really sorry if it's not your pay day and you waited until the last minute to file your taxes.

Oh no, I've opened a whole new can of worms... (this often happens in "[Expletive]-ing B!tch Sessions.")