You’d never know it if you drove through it or looked at it, but there is a small patch of land – a community - named Shaytown. It’s at the junction of Shaytown Road and M-50 in Sunfield Township, Eaton County.

Shaytown is not a town, not a village, and can barely be called a community. It began as a railway station along the Michigan Central Railroad.

There was a general store run by Albert Jarvis, who also became Shaytown’s first postmaster. The post office started operating in February 1880, closing in 1894. It was decided to re-establish the post office operations, so it opened up four years later on January 25, 1898 and closed for good on Valentine’s Day, 1901.

That’s about all that’s known about Shaytown, except that it remains an unincorporated community with NOTHING there except two houses, and a farm. One of those houses looks like it could have been the old 1880 post office/store.

Take a drive over and see this little junction named ‘Shaytown.’


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