Here's another "sexy" costume that may be going a little far. Last year was the "Handmaid's Tale" sexy costume and now this year it's a Sexy Mister Rogers costume. Well, it's not actually called a "sexy Mister Rogers" costume, it's actually a "Nicest Neighbor Costume" so they can't get sued. But once you look at it for a second, you know that it is clearly a Mister Rogers costume.

Every year there is a "sexy" costume that draws eyeballs but is this one going too far? Last year, there was a company that made a sexy Halloween costume for the Handmaid's Tale, which was pulled off rather quickly due to ridiculous idea of a sexy costume for Handmaid's Tale.

This costume comes with the clothes, but you have to pay extra for the shoes, wig, belt and puppets so you might end up spending close to $100 to look like a sexy version of the popular kid's TV idol. But anyway here's the link to the costume.

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