I'm sure you have taken a dog picture or two since you have been home, and we want to see them. As you can see by the picture above, it doesn't matter the pose and I'm not quite sure of the pose that my dog is doing either. Just try and get your dog in their best: sleeping, jumping, playing, sitting pretty, eating, yawning, or just relaxing pose, like my dog.

This isn't something you have to do, but I also attempted to do my best dog pose and you can see it here.

Anyway, since living with a dog, I have started to always have the camera ready so I can capture my dog in all of the weird positions she puts herself into. Now I know it might be hard to get your dog in a perfect pose immediately so you have the next week or so to send us those dog pose pictures. Also if you have any older pictures of your dog with their best pose then send us that too.

Make sure when you send your dog picture that you put your name with your dog's name as well as what pose you think he or she is doing. There will be a gallery or two or more, depending on the number of pics we get, so look for them coming next week. Now get out there and throw a toy around for your dog or just sneak a shot of your pup sleeping in bed tomorrow morning!

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