If you've been a part of the Lansing community for quite sometime, you're probably familiar with Brenke Fish Ladder. Over the last several years, it's become a popular place for area events.

Did you know that it's also a great place to see salmon during early autumn?

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Brenke Fish Ladder

Individuals who are big into fishing are probably aware that the Brenke Fish Ladder is a great spot for fishing. You can catch things like catfish, sunfish, carp and more. In the fall, you can actually watch salmon swim upstream in the Grand River.

The Brenke Fish Ladder was built in 1981 as a way to prevent fish from injuring themselves near the damn. According to Lansingrivertrail.org, fishing within the ladder is prohibited but you can fish elsewhere near the Grand River.

The Red Cedar River

As most of us love and cherish the world around us, unfortunately some of us aren't as mindful. Did you know that 75,000 of pollution was recently found in the Red Cedar River?

If you're angry about that news, fortunately, a $35 million anti-pollution project has been introduced to help clean out the river. You can read more on the story here.

What You Can Do to Help

I know there's a handful of us out there that probably look at the trash that someone else left and decide that we're not going to pick it up. Well, that mindset isn't going to help the problem.

I know it's a pain to clean up after someone else, but if we want to keep our world beautiful and a safe place to live, someone has to do it.

Did you hear about the Lansing area resident who was cleaning up our city one underpass at a time? Ryan Kost has been tidying up certain areas and has even turned some of them into small gardens.

Read Ryan's story here.

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