I am no stranger to St. Patrick's Day Celebrations. They start early and usually go on All.Day.Long. Which can be tough. And I don't know about you, but after a hard day of drinking green beer, all I want to do is go home and sleep in my own bed. That being said, no matter what, you should NOT drive home while intoxicated.

There is never any reason or excuse to drive drunk, especially in East Lansing, where a ride home can be as easy as getting on the bus. So, to help you plan your ride home tomorrow after lots of fun-tivities, I thought I'd put together this list of different ways to get yourself home if you're celebrating St. Patty's Day in the Lansing or East Lansing area.

First, you can take the bus! CATA has lots of routes that go all over Lansing and East Lansing and into parts of Okemos and Haslett. The bus is a fairly inexpensive way to travel as well. It only costs $1.25 for the average rider and 60 cents to students with their student I.D.'s. You can find routes and stops that are near where you live just by going to the CATA website.

Another option of getting home would be to call your average cab service. And there are PLENTY to choose from! Just to name a few: DD's Downtown Taxi, iCab, and Green Cab. You can call any of these services ahead of time to schedule a pick-up time and place, that way as soon as you are ready to go home, they are waiting to pick you up. Fees differ from company to company, but usually there is a base fee per trip or per person and then a small fee per mile driven. Plus, if you're looking to continue the fun on the way home, you can call a karaoke cab service like Shaggin' Wagon. They will give you a safe ride home and you and your besties can try your best at some karaoke on the way there!

Finally, a third mode of transportation is a ride-sharing service called Uber. You download Uber's app, and from there you enter your credit card information and request a car. There car shows up, they drive you home, and Uber charges your credit card. No cash is needed at all. It's a pretty cool service, especially if you're not one to carry a ton of cash on you (the downside to busses and cabs is that they typically only accept cash). Uber drivers cover a lot of Lansing and the surrounding areas, you can check out their coverage map just by going HERE!

I hope that you have a great time celebrating St. Patty's Day tomorrow. But even more so, I hope you make it home safely! I hope my suggestions for rides home helped you to plan your evening! If there is another cool service to get a ride home, let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!