It's a new age in the world we live in, and it seems more and more that the brick-and-mortar businesses you pass daily, aren't lasting any longer. It seems that we are seeing tons of stores close their doors all around.

With tons of online shopping services, those stores on each corner are becoming more and more obsolete. Online retail giants like Amazon, eBay, and even social media like TikTok and Facebook have shifted into an online selling front, leaving the stores on the streets with an uncertain future.

Another Store Possibly Closing It's Doors Here in Michigan

This one kind of hurts too, as it was a place for the longest time to get tons of products at a very low price compared to other retailers out there.

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Dollar Tree took to the internet earlier in the week and announced that they would be shutting down stores nationwide.

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In an attempt to eliminate its competition, Dollar Tree made a major purchase back in 2015 and consumed Family Dollar. In doing so, it seems that the chain took on more than it could handle, as now, they're looking at shutting down stores nationwide.

Dollar Tree To Acquire Family Dollar Stores For $8.5 Billion
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In fact, the official announcement is that Dollar Tree has plans to shut down over 1,000 stores nationwide, which could have impacts here in Michigan. The official plan is to shut down over 900 Family Dollar stores and then shut down an additional 30 Dollar Tree stores in turn as well.

No official word yet on which stores could be affected here in Michigan has been released yet.

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