In a time of constant evolving, we are seeing shutdowns across the boards. From stores shifting to more online shopping than in person, to gas stations looking to the new future.

U.S. Gas Prices Soar To Record National Average
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This gas station, which owns tons of locations here in Michigan, could be closing over 1,000 stores.

This Gas Station Will Be Closing 1,000 Stores!

We've all probably been in a tight pinch for gas, maybe even past the point of a tight pinch for gas. We're talking about to the point of almost running out of fuel, and you just barely make it to a gas station point.

While a lack of gas stations isn't a problem, could it soon become a problem here in Michigan, and throughout the nation?

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David Paul Morris, Getty Images
David Paul Morris, Getty Images

You may recognize the famous gas station retailer, Shell, who recently came out and announced the closure of over 1,000 stores nationwide.

In a new announcement, Shell stated they' be looking at the advancement of their future, which would include a shifted focus to that of Electric Vehicles (EV's).

It is uncertain yet if Michigan will close any locations.

This Could Cause Future Problems Here In Michigan

EVs have yet to show much reliance in states of cooler temperatures, which Michigan faces a majority of the year, only seeing a small reprieve during the summer months.

On top of that too, Shell is Michigan's 3rd largest gas station chains here in the state, with over 400 locations. Could you imagine the impact that could have on those who've yet to make the transition over to EVs?

U.S. Gas Prices Expected To Rise To Highest Levels Since 2014
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