We've seen a lot of stores come and go, especially in recent times here in Michigan. Just recently, Michigan saw the mass shut down of the large retail chain Bed Bath & Beyond.

A big department store chain that went defunct in 2002 could be making its return to Michigan.

This Retail Store Could Be Returning After 22 Years

It's very rare to see any store that sees it's end get resurrected from the bankrupt graveyard, but this retail chain may have just gotten its fresh start again.

Bright Sun Films via YouTube
Bright Sun Films via YouTube

Ames, recently took to the internet, and announced that the famous retail brand, which operated from the 1950's to the early 200's, would be reopening roughly 35 new stores.

No new word yet on where these stores would be located, however, the first one launched should be seen by June of 2026.

Will The Chain Be The Same As They Were

With revivals, who say's you'll get the same old thing? I think we can say the same for some show revivals.

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At this time, Ames hasn't officially declared what they would be selling just yet, but noted great quality and prices would be seen in the stores, as they were on their first go around.

Photo: Getty Images with Target.com
Getty Images with Target.com

Ames, was once known for clothing, jewelry and even electronic devices. Some could say they were comparable to a Target of their time.

Plans to see the brand return were set for 2023, however, some internal issues killed those plans, setting the current launch date.

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