Maybe it's the luck of the...British?

While you're wolfing down corned beef and cabbage and washing it down with more than a healthy dose of Guinness to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, you may be surprised to learn the truth about the real St. Patrick in this video from History. Pair them with these awesome St. Patrick's Day facts and you will be the hit of your bar crawl.

First of all, St. Patrick himself wasn't even Irish. Yes, it's true. He was born in Britain before making his way to Ireland where he worked as a Christian missionary. He actually died on March 17, way back in the year 461, and faded into obscurity before the mythology around him grew and he was named patron saint of Ireland.

What mythology? He drove snakes from Ireland and was ultimately responsible for shamrocks for growing in popularity, for starters. Unfortunately, there is no credible evidence that suggests he was the first person to walk into a bar wearing a button that says, "Kiss me, I'm Irish." There are just some mysteries in history that will forever go unsolved.

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