Michigan is really different and stranger than other states, but that's exactly what makes Michigan interesting! I'm not originally from Michigan but I can tell you getting used to some of these things below takes a few months, but after almost 2 yeas in Michigan I think I got the hang of things.

But here are 10 things, I've noticed and also Onlyinyourstate.com has noticed, that most Michiganders do that people from other states might find strange.

  1. An octopus gets thrown onto the ice at almost every Red Wings game.
  2. Michigan Lefts! No other state has as many of these as we do.
  3. Most of us STILL SUPPORT the Detroit Lions, they have to win eventually.
  4. Vernon’s ginger ale cures upset stomachs.
  5.  We dig Superman ice cream.
  6. We love spooky “haunted Michigan” tales, legends & rumors.
  7. We use our hand to point out places in Michigan. Lansing is easy to point to.
  8. There are tons of potholes on the roads and everyone seems to be okay with it.
  9. We give everything an "S" even when its not written (Like Meijers or Krogers)
  10. Wear Shorts all of the time! I've seen so many more people in shorts this winter, i mean I know it's a mild winter (of sorts) But don't you get cold?


Got any other one? Or maybe some that you notice after reading this? Tell me about it on Facebook or Twitter 

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