Potter Park Zoo has announced that it's adding a new member to it's already amazing family; They are welcoming a new Alaskan Moose to the group!

According to Potter Park Zoo, they received the orphaned moose in September 2014. He had unfortunately been separated from the rest of his family. Since then, he has been undergoing a quarantine period where Potter Park watches him closely to make sure he's acclimating to his new environment and form bonds with the new animal. After making sure everything is alright with the moose's health, they introduced him to Willow (the female moose) and her habitat.

Willow and this younger male moose must be shacking up pretty nicely, because he's staying! I guess sometimes his youth gets the best of him and he stirs up a bit of trouble...but Willow sorts him out pretty quickly, lol!

Now, Potter Park Zoo is asking for your help! They still have to name this new Alaskan moose. They have a few names picked out, but you get to make the final decision! All you have to do is check out their Facebook post HERE; from there they let you vote and make the final decision. You only have until next Friday, March 6th.

p.s. I personally like the name Meeko!