In a battle of the oats, would you rather GRITS or OATMEAL?

This little argument started with me and our receptionist Taylor. We're both trying to eat healthier. And both our diets/meal plans include oatmeal. I liken it to breakfast paste. And Taylor can't stop raving about it and her combination of oats and all the flavors. I can't add enough stuff to it to make it taste better. She is lamenting about how sweet some of the flavors are.

Then I brought up the fact that I would much rather eat grits. I am a born and bred southern boy by nature (the pride of Greenville, MS). My mom and grandma used to make grits and I am a purest. Only butter and salt. Some would put sugar on them and to that I say, "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN AND MY HOUSE"! Grits and eggs and sausage were a staple when I was growing up. And while I understand the nature of our healthy diets and grits not necessarily being being on them, when it comes down to breakfast oats, I would rather a bowl of grits any day compared to oatmeal in any form.

Taylor's only contribution to how great grits are; "they're gritty". Awesome. Way to dig deep there sister.

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