There's no need for a backstory here. You know who he is. One of the most polarizing sports figures ever. After all the controversy, the dust has appeared to settle and this weekend there will be tryouts. The number of teams invited and planning on attending has been reported to be in the double digits. One of the teams attending the tryouts (and are odds on heavy favorites to potentially sign Colin Kaepernick) are your Detroit Lions.

After this season, and Stafford out with back issues, do we put our QB on IR and take a chance? It's a long shot we make the playoffs at this point anyway. Jeff Driskel did ok last weekend in our loss to Chicago. He brings a certain mobility. And it was his first game. Do we sit him down and do THIS? To what end? Does it help the team in the long run? Are you still in your feelings about the kneeling? So many questions. But we only have one for you.

Should we? Scroll down and take our poll.

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