Police in Troy are looking for someone who scattered dozens of toiler paper rolls over the road. According to MLive, 40 rolls were found all over John R Road in Troy, near Athens High School, around 7 a.m. on March 30th. The rolls of wasted toilet paper made more of a mess as they were wet and dirty after several cars ran over it.

The police department doesn't know the reason but it was quite a large amount of toilet paper as it was over 30 rolls. The only place you can get large number rolls of toilet paper is at Costco, though they have been capping the amount you can purchase. The police believe it was intentional and it didn't fall off a truck due to it happening so early in the morning.

You can see more on the story here, and don't waste toilet paper cause it tough to find places that sell it in more than 4-8 rolls now.

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