East Lansing Costco Sunday

Against our own better judgement, we went to Costco on Sunday. Normally, this isn't a good idea as it's usually swamped. Folks head there after church, the free samples, the ridiculously long lines of folks buying stuff for Sunday dinner and weekly meal prep.

But we went to see if all the stories were true. Was there massive buyouts of all the hand sanitizer? What about toilet paper? Water? And they did mention that they would be suspending their food samples temporarily. Why?


Here's what we found.

It wasn't nearly the madhouse it usually is at Costco but it was still pretty busy.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

And practically every basket (or every other one) had toilet paper and/or paper towels in it. The toilet paper we get but didn't know there was a mad dash for the paper towels. But with all that hand washing...we get it.

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And speaking of toilet paper, they were sold out of their normal Kirkland brand. The only thing available was Charmin. And it was a little pricier than their bargain brand.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Also, supplies of toilet paper, paper towels and water were not as abundant but they were by no means sold out.

Unless you're talking about hand sanitizer. Completely sold out. We asked them about their next shipment. We were told we could try Menard's. Good looking out Costco peeps.

Look what you've done to us Coronoavirus.

These are dark days indeed.

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