Toilet paper has become a hot commodity now, but do you really care about the math that goes into telling you how many rolls you are getting compared to another? I was wondering this question the other day when I went to the store and saw two toilet paper brands next to each other with a math equation on the front. The equation is trying to show you that you get more toilet paper due to this being "Super" or "Mega" but do you really care? Why is it necessary to tell us how much more toilet paper you are getting compared to "Regular" rolls, when most stores you go to don't even sell "Regular" rolls?

The way I buy toilet paper might be the way most do because I look for the cheapest price over getting the most rolls. I'm not going to be standing in an aisle in the store trying to do the math between an 8 pack of toilet paper that are "MEGA" rolls which equals 32 and they are priced at $9, but there is a 12 pack of "Super" rolls which equals 36 priced at $7. I'm going to go with the $7 "Super" rolls in this situation and I probably won't be able to tell the difference in longevity over the "Mega" rolls, so I just don't know what these math equations on toilet paper have to do with selling more compared to another brand.

I'm wondering if you care about this toilet paper math? Do you stand in the toilet paper aisle calculating how much you get per roll, or are you just picking whatever is cheaper based on what is available? Tell us on Facebook or tell us by using our 97.5 NOW app and use the "CHAT" feature.

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