If you are planning where you are going this year you may want to also start looking at flights cause there are certain times and months when its best to buy. This is according to Forbes, which has used stats from airlines to determine the best times to buy in every season. And if you are someone that slacks on making plans you will probably want to start planning early cause the earlier the better if you want to save money and get more options on flights.

But since the year started the 3 best months to buy flights are; #1 January, #2 August (as you can pick from the best winter flights first in this month), and #3 February. Also to go along with the best months to buy there are also certain times you will want to get that flight. As we are in the Winter your best time to buy your flight would be about 62 days in advance (it doesn't have to be exactly 62 days but as long as you are within a few days of that you should be fine. In addition, Spring is going to be the hardest to find flights as you need to get your flight about 90 days in advance, so if you are going on vacation in April you will probably want to start searching now. Meanwhile the Summer which generally has more flights and locations available you will only have to buy about 47 days in advance.

So start getting those vacation plans ready and check out More on it here

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