We are in fair season and this is some different news for a fair as some pigs at the Fowlerville Family Fair came down with swine flu. This is according to WILX, and the Livingston County Health Department which confirms pigs at the Fowlerville Family Fair tested positive for the swine flu infection.

The health officials went to test the pigs on Thursday after they said the animals showed signs of the illness. The test confirmed that they had the disease on Friday and the pigs have been taken away from the Fowlerville Fair grounds. There are no illnesses reported.

The fair ran from July 22nd- 27th, and if you happened to be in contact with those animals and have symptoms like fever, cough, runny nose, body aches, and nausea, then you should get checked out. The swine flu has most of the same symptoms as the normal flu, and swine flu symptoms usually show within three days to a week. Some things that health officials say to do are obviously stay away from people that are sick as well as wash your hands, cover your mouth, don't eat or drink in livestock barns, and if you have a weak immune system, stay away from animals.

You can read more on it here.

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