If you're a parent, I can't imagine what's going on in your head right now.

In the middle of a pandemic you're worried about so much.

Some have work and unemployment issues. Some are working from home. And if you're working from home, how long have you been doing it? Are you ready to head back to the job? Can you do it? Especially if the kids aren't back in school.

And then there's that. Will the kids be headed back to school. If yes, then when and how? Will it be safe? Are you sending them or not? And if not, what's the plan? Because that could impact you and your work schedule.

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In Georgia, the kids went back to school on Monday.

And let's just say, things don't look good from the start.

Suppose you go to take your kid to school and you see this on the front door.

That's not incredibly reassuring is it?

And then there was this photo that has got the internet talking.

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