I know I'm late getting these up. There were a lot of photos to go through. And honestly, I have been busy playing with my Transformers I bought at the show.

Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

I can't tell you how much fun I had at this event. It was awesome. I was so giddy Saturday morning when I got up because I knew I got to spend a free day at something I wanted to go to and do. And yeah, I spent a little cash. But it was on stuff I wasn't able to get as a kid. And every now and then, you gotta splurge on yourself for fun and memories and to make YOU HAPPY. So I (a grown butt man lol) purchased some Transformers I always wanted as a child and four super dope posters. And got to see some amazing cosplay and more. Oh...I met this guy.

Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

This is George Lowe. He is the voice of Space Ghost Coast To Coast, from The Brak Show, and Robot Chicken. And he was awesome. I loved him as "Father" on The Brak Show. Got an autographed photo and video. Great memories.

Peep my gallery below and make sure you check out Capital City Comic Con next year. Dress up, take the kids...be a kid again.

Capital City Comic Con