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Screenshot Gaming Youtube Best TrendsFortnite
Screenshot Gaming Youtube Best TrendsFortnite

Parents love to see their children happy, right? So it's no wonder that parents have been increasingly hiring “coaches” to help their children get better at the wildly popular online video game “Fortnite,” which for many kids is at the center of their social lives.

According to reports, parents have been more eager than ever to shell out cash to give their kid an edge in the game, not mention boost their confidence. Video game tutors are hired through social media or online on contracting sites, some charging $10 or $20 an hour for the coaching sessions. One of the sitesBidvine, says they’ve seen almost 2,000 “Fortnite” coaches hired within a few months.

One mother, Ally Hicks says that she hired a freelance “Fortnite” tutor for the her 10-year-old son who just couldn’t seem to win. Why? For the sake of his reputation at school. “There’s pressure not to play it but to be really good at it,” says Hicks.

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