If you're a parent, and are not aware if your kid is spending money on this game (and your credit card is what's being used), I would start asking questions immediately. I play it and I'm not that great at it. But am I spending $500 a month on it? Absolutely not! And here's the deal, the stuff you can buy and use so to speak (upgrades as stated in the articles below) do not give you a competitive advantage over your opponent. They are mostly cosmetic, emotes, and the like. So being an avid (and I use that word lightly) player of this game, I really can't see why (I do understand how) you would spend that much money PER MONTH on this game.

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As the videogame Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, some gamers are getting into trouble because they're spending big bucks while playing.

There are reports of some people forking over $500 per month for in-game upgrades. This means, there are probably people paying even more than that out there. (MarketWatch)

Why it's so easy to dig yourself into a financial hole with games like 'Fortnite'

By Mathew Hughes, an 18-year-old high-school student in Marion, Ohio, has spent between $150 and $200 on the hugely popular videogame "Fortnite." That's not a lot, he said, for an activity on which he sometimes spends four or five hours a day.

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