In the movies and TV and media, I feel like pregnant people are shown as these incredibly hormonal messes. Sure, I chalked it up to comedic effect. But today, right around lunchtime, I learned that perhaps there's a nugget of truth in these over-exaggerated depictions of pregnancy...

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I am over five months pregnant. It hasn't been the easiest getting here. I have a hard time putting my own socks on and getting out of bed in the morning is certainly more challenging than it used to be. I've come to accept and deal with these changes and many more like this.

However, I did not expect to be dealing with an issue like this; I was having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch. Indecision is something I deal with normally, but being pregnant has made it more difficult. Thankfully, the hubby made a delicious recommendation and I drove off to get what was supposed to be a wonderful lunch. Sadly, it wasn't until I got home that I discovered the meat was severely undercooked and therefore not safe for me to eat. And since the meat was covering the top of a salad, I decided it was better to be safe than sorry and chose not to eat it. This brings me to the whole point of my story...

...I cried my eyes out. Like when I tell you I was a blubbering mess for about 20 minutes, I mean it. Sure, this had a logical solution (like going out and picking up different food/have something delivered), but I did not want any of that. I wanted the salad I ordered and I wanted a nap, and I couldn't have both. So instead, I made frozen taquitos and then laid down for a nap supremely dissatisfied with my "lunch".

All this to say...I finally understand why there are so many depictions of incredibly hormonal pregnant people in movies and TV. I was a hot mess, all over a salad.

So I just wanted to say to all those that are or have been pregnant before; I see you. I understand, and you're doing a great job. Creating human life is certainly not easy, and I'm learning that first-hand for the very first time. I hope that you have the strength to keep kicking butt every day, and if you ever have a "salad incident" like I did today, please know that you are not alone.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

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