I saw it a few years ago after head coach Tom Allen took over, Indiana can REALLY play some defense. Now, they have better players.

Kevin Wilson was a good coach but Tom Allen has gotten Indiana over the hump. They beat Michigan last week for the first time since 1987. They almost shocked MSU at home last year in quarterback Michael Penix Jr.'s coming out party. He can burn you with his arm or his legs and has thrown 7 TD's to just 1 pick this year. Indiana is the #10 team in college football. The ESPN matchup indicator gives them nearly a 90 percent chance to win tomorrow in East Lansing.

MSU will be wearing the Block S to honor former coach George Perles. The Spartans will need all the help they can get with these Hoosiers.

MSU has dominated the rivalry 48-16-2. The Old Brass Spittoon is the trophy for this rivalry game. Ranked one of the strangest trophies in football pretty much every year. Click here to see other strange trophies. 

The Old Brass Spittoon dates back to the 1800's at a trading post in East Lansing. People spit their tobacco juice in it. Now, it's a trophy. It's pretty much lived in East Lansing. Indiana has only won it 3 times since 1995. I have a feeling the trophy will be headed down south to Indiana for this winter though.

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