I know most schools are closed today due to the weather but one of the schools in the Lansing-Area is in the top 5 at getting their students ready for college. If you are wondering where I got this from its from niche.com, which has tons of lists to help students and parents get ready for college. Their list of "Best Public High Schools in Michigan for College Prep" has Okemos High School as #5 in the whole state, and if you add in private schools Okemos HS is still in the top 10.

The list is made up of public and private high schools all over the state. The schools are listed by a few factors such as; SAT & ACT scores,  Percentage of students that attend and passed at least one AP exam, percentage of students that got into 4 years colleges and that attend them, and also by graduation rate. Okemos High School has an overall grade on the site of an A+ and their average SAT score is over 1300 with ACT averaging at 30.

Other schools in the Lansing-Area that made the top 50 on the list are; East Lansing HS at #22 and Haslett HS at #32. You can see the full list here. 


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