WOW…check out the above photo gallery of stills showing the construction of the Cascades Falls way back in 1932!

These are from an excellent documentary on the history of the Cascades Falls in Jackson.

In the actual documentary, not only will you see old & new pictures of the area, but also old & new film footage, news stories, newspaper clippings, interviews, a film clip of the Zouaves’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and more.

The Cascades Falls Park was “the result of William Sparks’ dream to do something for the people of Jackson and to build an attraction that would provide visitors with a positive impression of the city.”

Take your time looking at the 35 photos in the gallery above...the quality isn't all that great, thanks to the age and deterioration, but it's well worth the time to look through.

The documentary that you can watch below is almost an hour long but well worth watching, when you have the time...!

Pass it on to other Jackson (and Michigan) history buffs!

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