It didn't take Sherlock Holmes or Scooby and the gang to find the bad guy in this Dine and Dash case.

I'm no criminal expert.  However, I know the importance of not leaving my credit cards, family pictures and photo IDs at the scene of a crime.  But then again, if I were ever to purposely do a dine and dash I would probably be in such a hurry I would leave something behind.  Apparently, this Ohio woman was an amateur criminal as she allegedly dined at a Cracker Barrel in Mansfield, Ohio and then dashed without her purse according to the Mansfield News Journal,

A waitress told police that she saw the woman running in the parking lot and get into a white pickup truck. Police tried to contact the woman and her purse was submitted to the crime lab.

Let's give her the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe something bad happened and she had to rush out of there so fast that she left her purse behind and didn't intentionally leave without paying for the meal.  Or just maybe she couldn't be bothered with the whole "how much should I tip" dilemma and just left her purse along with her credit cards to let Cracker Barrel do the work for her.

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