Did you ever sit down for a meal at Cracker Barrel and think, "You know, a beer would really taste good with this fried chicken." Or maybe it was "You know, a glass of wine would really taste good with this steak." Or maybe it was even, "You know, a mimosa would really taste good with these bacon and eggs."

Yeah I know, me either.

Okay, I'm lying. I pretty much had one of those thoughts in the past at Cracker Barrel. But that was just not going to happen. Cracker Barrel was where you went for great American, wholesome food and you could have tea, or coffee or juice or pop but there was no way you were getting that beer, wine or mimosa. That was just not gonna happen.

Until now...

According to cnn.com, the Cracker Barrel world is changing. For the first time in the restaurant's history and that is five decades my friend it's mimosa, wine and beer time at Cracker Barrel.

See before COVID-19, Cracker Barrel was testing this whole alcohol thing out at a bunch of their locations and due to what I don't find very surprising, which was a very enthusiastic response, the whole alcohol thing is going to stick.

So just imagine going to Cracker Barrel and sitting down in front a delicious cheeseburger and washing it down with a delicious beer. Well imagine no more, that day has arrived at Cracker Barrel!

Get more info from cnn.com and enjoy my friend, enjoy...

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