Muskegon’s old Northshore Hospital might be torn down, but that doesn’t stop whatever is causing paranormal activity.

Years ago, the Northshore Hospital was used for TB and mental patients. Lack of money meant eventual closure. Once shut down, the hospital sat empty for many years. It sat alongside the road, as an eerie silhouette against the night sky.

The creepy feelings investigators received upon entering were enhanced by graffiti with phrases like “House of the Dead”, “I Can See You”, “I Smell Dead People” and others. Bizarre artwork was spray painted on the crumbling walls - glaring eyes, monsters, and 'indescribables'.

The main floors were undeniably scary, but it was the basement that seemed to carry the weight of negative energy. Investigators experienced unexplainable cold spots, disembodied noises that filled empty rooms and hallways, and the glimpse of a figure out of the corner of the eye.

Called “the most terrifying, strange place to experience”, the hospital was demolished in the early 2000s and is now nothing but flat ground with bits of concrete and rubble. But evidently that hasn’t stopped whatever was haunting the empty building. One person in particular claimed to see white, floating shapes hovering over the grounds at night. Some said they got out of their vehicles to look into the grounds…upon doing so, whispering and low moaning was heard.

Animals? Creatures of the night? Who knows. All I know is, the rumors exist.

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