It is hot today and will continue to be as summer is almost here, and if you don't have an air conditioner or several fans it can be very hot. This has happened to me numerous times in my life and as quick fix I have found a way to make a cheap and easy air conditioner.

There are few items that you will need for this: a box (preferred Styrofoam), a fan (desk fan or a size like that), ice packs (which you can make yourself) and some paper or plastic tubing.

The first thing you will need to do is freeze up a few ice packs. What I like to do is save some milk jugs and put water in them and freeze them. After you have your ice packs you will open up your Styrofoam box or styrofoam cooler and put the ice packs in there.

Once your ice packs are in the cooler you will need to take the lid off and get some scissors or a box cutter. After you have your lid and cutting tool ready, measure the desk fan or small fan you will be using, and measuring the fan is not necessary but it will make your air conditioner work better. Once you measure the fan cut a hole in the lid of the cooler that matches the size of the fan.

There will be more cutting to do this time with the cooler or bucket. Before you start cutting now you will have to measure your plastic or paper tubing. Measure the diameter of it or you can place your tubing against your cooler/box and stensil the measurement. After that you can start cutting holes for your tubing, and you want this to be perfect or close to it though you can fix mistakes with some tape. Once the holes are cut in the top and side you can put your tubing in and place the fan on top.

Everything should be done and you can turn on your fan. It won't be immediately cold but after an hour or so it should cool down any room you are in. The reason for this working is because the fan circulates the frozen air inside the cooler, which then shoots out the cold air through the tubing. You can see how I crudely made one a few years ago below as well as a better version of the home made air conditioner.

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