Peep the video above to learn how to make your own DIY face mask using 2 rubber bands and a bandanna.

And this video (below) will show you three different ways to make your own homemade mask. One similar to the one above, one with a paper towel, and a cool one with a shirt that should be super easy to execute.

Again, these DIY masks do not supersede the CDC guidelines. Please do not let them give you the idea that these alone will protect your from the coronavirus. Stay at home, social distancing, wash your hands and more are still in place. And these are not surgical grade/N95 masks. You're making them at home. They won't provide the same level of protection. They are more steps (recommendations) to help in preventing the spread of the virus.

And now that you've made your own face mask, we wanted to give you some quick DO's and Don't about using it.

  • You should take off your mask by removing the elastics or straps from behind your ears.
  • Think of a mask as like underwear: It needs to be washed after each use.
  • So if you're wearing a cloth mask, put it into the laundry basket immediately. If it's disposable, throw it away.
  • It's a big no-no to pull the mask down to eat a snack, then pull it back up: You've just gotten whatever dirty stuff is on the mask on your hands and into your mouth.

Source credit for this article are our friends at NPR and they have a great in-dept article on why these DIY masks are being suggested to help in battle against Covid-19 and you can find that article in full when you click HERE.

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